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Zhihua Chemtech launch the pathogens test service
Resource: Chembase administrator Time: 2013-06-13 CPC:

Shanghai Zhihua ChemTech, the creator and operator of Chembase.cn website announced earlier this month the launch of pathogens test service. The purpose of this service is to provide a full customizable pathogens test of chemical/biochemical samples for customers who have specific needs. Customers from pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries will benefit from this service for purchasing raw materials, monitoring the sterility of the production process as well as QC/QA of the products.

Currently, the pathogenic species that we can test are:

• L.monocytogenes

• Vibrio Parahemolyticus

• salmonella

• Staphyloccocus aureus

• Escherichia coli

• Legionella pneumophila

Besides following all the industrial standard protocols, all the tests are fully customizable to meet customer's special needs. We can also help customer to develop their own protocols and instruments. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this service.