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Catalog No. S1822 Name Selleck Chemicals
CAS Number 229614-55-5 Website http://www.selleckchem.com
M. F. C15H28N4O4 Telephone (877) 796-6397
M. W. 328.40722 Fax (832) 582-8590
Purity Email sales@selleckchem.com
Storage -20°C Chembase ID: 73173


IUPAC name
(1S,2S,3R,4R)-4-carbamimidamido-3-[(1S)-1-acetamido-2-ethylbutyl]-2-hydroxycyclopentane-1-carboxylic acid
IUPAC Traditional name
(1S,2S,3R,4R)-4-carbamimidamido-3-[(1S)-1-acetamido-2-ethylbutyl]-2-hydroxycyclopentane-1-carboxylic acid


CAS Number 229614-55-5


Salt Data Free Base
Storage Condition -20°C


Description (English)
Research Area: Infection
Biological Activity:
Peramivir is a transition-state analogue and a potent, specific influenza viral neuraminidase inhibitor with an IC50 of median 0.09 nM. [1] The IC50 for peramivir is markedly lower than that for either zanamivir or oseltamivir. Peramivir increases survival in preclinical influenza models, including mouse and ferret models of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1. One day of treatment with peramivir is active, and multiple days of treatment rescues most or all mice with H5N1. Similar data have been obtained in ongoing murine experiments with seasonal influenza A (H1N1)/H274Y. After parenteral administration, peramivir reaches very high plasma concentrations. Peramivir is not metabolized, and is cleared by the means of renal filtration. It has a long half-life, especially in comparison with other neuraminidase inhibitors. Due to the failure of the metabolism of the antivirus compound peramivir, as well as its wide distribution and the excretion in the unchanged form in urine, dosing regimens can be adapted easily for patients with renal impairment and for pediatric populations. [2] Peramivir is originally developed by BioCryst Pharmaceuticals. And peramivir is designed to aim to an antiviral agent. Peramivir has been performed phase III clinical trials for the treatment of influenza.


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