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Catalog No. S1633 Name Selleck Chemicals
CAS Number 107753-78-6 Website http://www.selleckchem.com
M. F. C31H33N3O6S Telephone (877) 796-6397
M. W. 575.67522 Fax (832) 582-8590
Purity Email sales@selleckchem.com
Storage -20°C Chembase ID: 431


IUPAC name
cyclopentyl N-[3-({2-methoxy-4-[(2-methylbenzenesulfonyl)carbamoyl]phenyl}methyl)-1-methyl-1H-indol-5-yl]carbamate
IUPAC Traditional name
cyclopentyl N-[3-({2-methoxy-4-[(2-methylbenzenesulfonyl)carbamoyl]phenyl}methyl)-1-methylindol-5-yl]carbamate


CAS Number 107753-78-6


Target Respiratory Diseases
Salt Data Free Base
Storage Condition -20°C


Description (English)
Research Area: Cancer
Biological Activity:
Zafirlukast is in a class of medications called leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRAs). It works by blocking the action of certain natural substances that cause swelling and tightening of the airways. [1] In a study, pranlukast or zafirlukast significantly inhibited 10 μM LTD4-evoked 35SO4 output in a concentration-dependent fashion, with maximal inhibitions of 83% at 10 μM pranlukast and 78% at 10 μM zafirlukast, and IC50 values of 0.3 μM for pranlukast and 0.6 μM for zafirlukast. [2] Both pranlukast and zafirlukast showed moderate inhibition of CYP2C9-catalysed tolbutamide 4-methylhydroxylation, competitively inhibiting tolbutamide 4-methylhydroxylation with estimated mean Ki values of 3.82 ± 0.50 and 5.86 ± 0.08 μM, respectively. [3] Zafirlukast inhibited the hydroxylation of tolbutamide (CYP2C9; mean IC50=7.0 µM). [4]


  • Liu KH et al. Xenobiotica. 2004 May;34(5):429-38.