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Palmitoyl-DL-carnitine chloride_Molecular_structure_CAS_6865-14-1)
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Palmitoyl-DL-carnitine chloride

Catalog No. P4509 Name Sigma Aldrich
CAS Number 6865-14-1 Website http://www.sigmaaldrich.com
M. F. C23H46ClNO4 Telephone 1-800-521-8956
M. W. 436.06864 Fax
Purity Email
Storage Chembase ID: 132611


IUPAC name
[3-carboxy-2-(hexadecanoyloxy)propyl]trimethylazanium chloride
IUPAC Traditional name
[3-carboxy-2-(hexadecanoyloxy)propyl]trimethylazanium chloride


CAS Number 6865-14-1
PubChem SID 24278634
MDL Number MFCD00063481


Apperance white powder
Solubility H2O: soluble25 mg/mL (with heat or sonication)
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter
Storage Temperature -20°C
German water hazard class 3


Description (English)
Biochem/physiol Actions
Long-chain acylcarnitine and well-known intermediate in mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation. Modifies myocardial levels of high-energy phosphates and free fatty acids in the heart. Increases erythroid colony formation in culture. Reduces surface negative charge of erythrocytes and myocytes. Reported to affect currents and inhibit endothelium-dependent relaxation induced by acetylcholine and substance P in a dose dependent manner by suppressing the intracellular calcium signal transduction in endothelial cells.