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3-Indoleacrylic acid_Molecular_structure_CAS_1204-06-4)
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3-Indoleacrylic acid

Catalog No. I2273 Name Sigma Aldrich
CAS Number 1204-06-4 Website http://www.sigmaaldrich.com
M. F. C11H9NO2 Telephone 1-800-521-8956
M. W. 187.19466 Fax
Purity ≥98% (HPLC) Email
Storage Chembase ID: 34851


IUPAC name
(2E)-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)prop-2-enoic acid
IUPAC Traditional name
(2E)-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)prop-2-enoic acid
3-(3-Indolyl)acrylic acid


EC Number 214-872-7
MDL Number MFCD00005633
Beilstein Number 6317
PubChem SID 24895972
CAS Number 1204-06-4


Purity ≥98% (HPLC)
GHS Pictograms GHS07
GHS Signal Word Warning
GHS Hazard statements H315-H319-H335
European Hazard Symbols Irritant Irritant (Xi)
Personal Protective Equipment dust mask type N95 (US), Eyeshields, Gloves
GHS Precautionary statements P261-P305 + P351 + P338
Risk Statements 36/37/38
RTECS NL3680000
Safety Statements 26-36
German water hazard class 3


Description (English)
3-indoleacrylic acid may be used in various microbiology studies to induce transcription of genes under the control of the trpE promoter.
Biochem/physiol Actions
Induces transcription of genes under the control of the trpE promoter.1 IAA also transcriptionally activates gene expression in plants.2,3 Some of the genes that are induced by IAA encode a family of proteins that contain nuclear localization signals that direct a β-glucuronidase reported protein into the nucleus.4