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Company type Chemical Vendor Adress
Website http://www.ibscreen.com City Moscow
Telephone +7 49652 40091 State
Fax Zip Code
Email screen@ibscreen.chg.ru Country Russia
InterBioScreen is a Moscow-based joint-stock company providing biologically active natural as well as synthetic organic compounds for screening at pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology companies. Since 1990, Interbioscreen has developed into a global provider of high quality compounds for screening. We serve over 150 companies in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Canada. The historically grown compound collection of InterBioScreen has been further enriched with the best sub-libraries of Syntest Ltd., NELBI Ltd., ChemEx Inc. and ExiMed Ltd. InterBioScreen has assembled a world class scientific team of 200 managers and experts in organic chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry. We have 65 coordinators in the largest research centers of Russia, the C.I.S. and Baltic states. InterBioScreen's Scientific Team includes 5 academicians, 32 full professors and more than 50 Ph.D.'s. The Headquarters are located in Chernogolovka, a Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Moscow Region. We have 6 offices and 8 basic research laboratories operating in Moscow, Chernogolovka and the capitals of the C.I.S. states. InterBioScreen's unique capabilities are based on its direct links with highly qualified practical chemists who have many years of experience in organic synthesis in the leading academic institutes, research centers and industry - a network of several thousand organic chemists associated with over a hundred laboratories all over the C.I.S. and the Baltic states. We understand that in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical world screening means a constant need in new compounds to develop new programs and new therapeutics and agrochemicals. InterBioScreen Ltd. is a company that to a considerable degree can satisfy your needs in screening material. We hope that you will take an interest in the InterBioScreen products.
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14 Building Blocks VendorCatalog 11443 0
31 Natural Compound VendorCatalog 49596 0
27 Bioactive VendorCatalog 752 0