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Life Chemicals
Company type Chemical Vendor Adress 2477 Glenwood School Drive,Suite 203
Website http://www.lifechemicals.com City Burlington
Telephone +1 800 591 9710 State Ontario
Fax Zip Code L7R 3R9
Email Irina.Chabanny@lifechemicals.com Country Canada
Contact Irina Chabanny   
Life Chemicals Inc., Burlington, Canada, specializes in state-of-the-art organic synthesis for high-throughput screening. Established in 2004, the Company was launched as a private small business to rapidly become one of internationally recognised producers and suppliers of original HTS compounds and related services.
Today our products include the following:
- Over 800 000 drug-like and lead-like screening compounds for HTS; - Carefully designed targeted libraries (including Kinase, Protease, PPI, Ion Channel, GPCR, Epigenetics and many other); - Custom libraries (including targeted custom libraries) and custom synthesis projects; - Core building blocks.
The production site of the company is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. As an advanced synthetic laboratory Life Chemicals employs high skills and research abilities of more than 100 qualified professionals including 15 PhDs.
Life Chemicals Inc. operates worldwide and in addition to its headquarters in Burlington, Canada, it has a sales office in Orange, CT and a representative office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Recently we have opened a new company in Munich, Germany - Life Chemicals Europe GmbH.
Life Chemicals Inc. sells its products and services to more than 1000 customers, with its sales volume steadily growing.
Keeping pace with market demands, Life Chemicals does offer mutually beneficial terms and very competitive prices, thus making the ratio of product quality and its cost most attractive for our customers.
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